Leisure Pools Reflection in Sapphire Blue

Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pools Are Affordable And A Great Investment

Upgrade your lifestyle.

For as little as a cup of coffee a day.

Why wait for your next vacation?

Affordability of fibreglass inground swimming pools

Decisions, decisions.

Only one of these three delivers the maximum ROI.

Thinking about an RV?

Know the facts

  • Estimated lifetime: 5-15 years
  • Annual costs: Fuel, off-season storage, roof cleaning, tyre upkeep
  • Lifetime maintenance: Roof leak repairs, roof replacement, tyre replacement, interior reupholstery
Pool affordability versus an RV

Consider a Leisure Pool.

Know the facts

  • Estimated lifetime: 35+ years
  • Annual costs: Pool cleaning, water balance
  • Lifetime maintenance: Pool equipment maintenance and replacement
Pool affordability

Thinking about a boat?

Know the facts

  • Estimated lifetime: 15 -25 years
  • Annual costs: Boat insurance, fuel, off-season storage
  • Lifetime maintenance: Motor and engine maintenance, corrosion repair, electrical components maintenance, exterior hull cleaning, trailer upkeep
Pool affordability versus a boat

Most purchases represent an immediate decrease in value. It’s like driving off the new car lot with an immediate depreciation of your purchase price. But purchasing a pool increases property value. Owning a pool is a great way to invest in the future.

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