Build your pool when you build your new home

5 Reasons to Build a Pool When You Build a Home

Having a backyard swimming pool is a great way to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Everyone seems to enjoy gathering together in the lazy, hazy days of summer. If you are in the process of building a new home, perhaps adding all of the bells and whistles you can, then maybe a backyard swimming pool is on your list of wants. However, you may be wondering if engaging in such a project is a wise idea while the bigger project of constructing a new home is currently in progress.

At Leisure Pools™, we believe the best time to install a new backyard swimming pool is when your new home is being built.

5 Reasons to Install a Backyard Swimming Pool When You are Building a New Home

1. Flexible Financing.

We understand you are already dealing with one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life – building a new home. It is no secret that installing a backyard swimming pool is no small investment. If you opt to build a backyard pool after your home is built, you will have to find a way to finance that project. (Unless, of course, you have alternative means by which to pay for it.) However, if you decide to build a pool while your new home is under construction, you have the opportunity to combine the cost of the home build and the cost of the new pool into your mortgage.

Fence providing privacy for inground fiberglass swimming pool

2. More Opportunities with the Design of the Pool.

When you install a pool while your new home is being built, you have more control over the design of the pool and how it will fit into the overall architectural style of the home and the corresponding vistas. For example, you can design other outdoor living areas that will surround your pool in accordance with the existing topography, landscaping, and plan for the backside of your home. If you decide to wait until after your home is built to have a new pool installed, you will probably have to disturb the existing landscaping and sod for which you paid when you first moved in. Plus, you will have to plan the pool around your home instead of seamlessly with it.

3. Ease of Installation.

In addition to an easier design process, when you install a new pool as you build your home, the pool installation process is far easier. First of all, the pool installation should begin before the driveway and yard have been filled in. Thus, when the pool is installed, cement trucks and other construction equipment can easily access the backyard without damaging the driveway and yard in the process. Further, you do not have to relocate any yard fixtures you might have or temporarily disassemble a backyard fence. You can avoid the hassles and the headaches by planning your new pool build with your new home build.

4. Elevate Your Quality Time.

In recent times, outdoor living spaces have become quite popular. For starters, the pandemic forced many of us to reimagine how we use our home and living spaces. Next, having your own backyard oasis is like having your own resort. Why make costly travel plans? Finally, having a fiberglass inground backyard pool gives your family an automatic built-in fun activity. You can enjoy your pool as soon as you move in. Doesn’t that sound relaxing and inviting?

Trellis privacy idea for inground fiberglass swimming pool

5. Increase Your Property Value.

With increased demand for backyard pools and complementary outdoor spaces, many home buyers desire a home with a backyard pool. When and if it comes time for you to move, your home has the potential to be more appealing to interested buyers when it hits the market.

It’s Perfect Timing to Install a Fiberglass Backyard Pool

Construction projects do have costs and potential for complications. That’s pretty much a universal truth. Bearing that in mind, when you build a new home and a pool simultaneously, you set the stage for reduced costs and fewer construction headaches. The process will be much smoother if your builder can coordinate equipment, supplies, labor, and other construction-related aspects.

For example, your builder will have an electrician at some point install power lines into your new home. Therefore, if you choose to build a pool at the same time, you can address all the infrastructure needs at the same time. You can also have the concrete for your driveway poured in tandem with the concrete for the patio and deck around the pool. Get the dirty work done and out of the way just once. Coordination is key to a smooth and seamless process here.

By factoring in the construction for both the home and the pool simultaneously, you can start enjoying this wonderful add-on to your new home right away.

A New Home + A New Pool = A Great Gift to Your Family

It’s thrilling to be in the process of building your ideal house and looking forward to moving in. The entire process will undoubtedly tap into many of your emotions. Why not build a backyard pool at the same time to enhance this amazing experience even more?

This is the ideal time to jump in if you have always dreamed of owning a backyard swimming pool. Imagine how much pleasure it will bring to you and your family as you enjoy both your new house and your new fiberglass pool at the same time. You can anticipate relaxing in your own private oasis right after you unload and unpack.

Plus, when you build a house and put in a pool in the backyard at the same time, you have the express opportunity to create a stunning work of art that will beautifully come together. (And you just might find that having such an inviting gathering spot will get you acquainted with your new neighbors that much faster!) Can you possibly imagine a better gift to give to your family? Think of the years of fun times you will have together while creating priceless memories along the way.

Sure, you could wait until after your home is built to install a pool, but building a pool when you build a new home is ideally the best approach. Most important, it can save you money in the long run.

Unquestionably, one of the nicest feelings in the world is when you experience something that cannot be expressed in words alone. Leisure Pools™ hopes to leave you speechless in this regard.

To learn more about how Leisure Pools™ and how we can help you create the backyard of your dreams while the home of your dreams is under construction, contact us today. We understand these are two significant – and exciting – projects. If you plan to do them together, you will be that much closer to your well-deserved Life of Leisure.

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