A Page-Turning Look at Some Great Poolside Reads

A Page-Turning Look at Some Great Poolside Reads

There’s a certain kind of magic that unfolds when you pair the sheer serenity of a sun-warmed pool with the allure of a captivating read. Whether you’re lounging on the poolside, cool beverage in hand, or half-submerged in the calming embrace of azure waters, a good book serves as the perfect companion. As the sunbeams dance on the pool’s surface, you find yourself immersed not just in the soothing water, but in worlds created by skillful storytellers, leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

Join us at Leisure Pools as we explore some of the best reads to take poolside. Discover how the unique charm of reading by – or in – the pool can transform your summer into a literal page-turner. (And for added peace and tranquility, a pool from Leisure Pools with a splash deck is the ideal place to kick back in a lounge chair, relax and lose yourself in the pages of a good book)

Best Books to Take Poolside

1.) Romance
What could be better than lounging by your sparkling pool, basking in the sun while diving into a passionate romance novel? These books are filled with heart-fluttering moments that can transport you to different places and times. From historical romances like “Outlander,” by Diana Gabaldon to contemporary ones like “The Rosie Project,” by Graeme Simsion, there’s a vast sea of love stories to explore.

2.) Fiction
Fiction books are an excellent way to unwind by the pool as they provide an escape from reality. Whether it’s a light-hearted tale like “Where’d You Go, Bernadette,” by Maria Semple or a more profound story like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee, fiction has an alluring power that transports you into the lives of its characters. As you float in your Leisure Pool, let your imagination drift along with these captivating narratives.

Thrillers, crime novels and other great genres to read by your pool

3.) Mystery/Thriller
For those who enjoy a heart-pounding, page-turning experience, a mystery or thriller is the way to go. These books, like “Gone Girl,” by Gillian Flynn or “The Da Vinci Code,” by Dan Brown, can keep you on the edge of your sun lounger. As you solve the mysteries and navigate the suspense, the excitement will make you forget everything else, creating a perfect distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

4.) Non-Fiction
If you’d like to learn something new while relaxing poolside, non-fiction books can be your perfect companion. From memoirs like “Educated,” by Tara Westover that offer profound personal insights to informational books like “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” by Yuval Noah Harari, non-fiction enables you to dive deep into various realities. Under the clear blue sky, expand your horizons without even leaving the comfort of your Leisure Pool.

5.) Self-Help/Inspirational
A poolside setting, with its inherent tranquility, makes a perfect backdrop for introspection and self-improvement. Reading books like “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho or “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle can offer a fresh perspective on life. It can be a soothing experience to float in your pool, contemplating life’s big questions inspired by these thought-provoking reads.

6.) Travel Books
Yearning for an adventure but can’t quite get away? Travel books like “In a Sunburned Country,” by Bill Bryson or “Under the Tuscan Sun,” by Frances Mayes can whisk you away to distant lands. As you take a leisurely dip in your pool, let these narratives transport you to exotic locales, diverse cultures and captivating histories.

Host a Poolside Book Club

A poolside book club adds a refreshing spin to the traditional gathering of bibliophiles. It combines the thrill of spirited discussion with the relaxation of a pool setting, creating an environment of intellectual leisure that’s hard to match.

As the host, you have the privilege to create a haven for book lovers Just arrange comfortable lounging chairs with a view of the water. Then , add some necessary reading lights, summery refreshments, and perhaps even provide waterproof book covers for those who dare to tread in the pool while they read.

The gentle movement of the water in the background, the chirping of birds overhead and the collective hum of engaged conversation will become the soundtrack to your unique literary sessions. No matter what title you explore, your poolside book club promises not just lively discussions but also a riveting experience, blurring the lines between the worlds within your books and the serene setting around you.

Poolside reading recommendations from Leisure Pools

Invite the Kids to Read a Book by the Pool

Reading is good for kids. In addition to enhancing their language and vocabulary skills, reading also improves their imagination and creativity. Further, reading fosters empathy by exposing them to different perspectives and characters. Additionally, regular reading helps develop critical thinking and concentration, while also instilling a lifelong love for learning and knowledge

Here are a couple of fun and entertaining books for kids to read by the pool:

Children's reading recommendations poolside

1.) “Froggy Learns to Swim,” by Jonathan London
Join in the fun and adventure while Froggy learns how to swim. Even though frogs are supposed to be amazing swimmers, this lead character is afraid of the water. All he needs is some assistance, a dash of encouragement and maybe a good song to inspire him to hop in the water.

2.) “Maisy’s Pool,” by Lucy Cousins
Play along with Maisy and her friends as they splash away in a swimming pool. The adventures never seem to end with this crew.

Both of these books will provide kids with an enjoyable and entertaining experience by the pool. They are filled with exciting adventures, humor and opportunities for young readers to use their creativity and problem-solving skills. Whether your child loves imaginative stories or enjoys solving mysteries, enjoying a book by the pool is a great way to keep them entertained while they soak up the sun.

Write Your Own Poolside Book

While not everyone is an author in the making, it can be fun to simply grab a notebook and a pen and jot down some of your favorite summertime memories spent with family and friends around your fiberglass swimming pool.

Purchase a waterproof journal and write about all of the adventures you and your loved ones have had spending time together in the backyard together. Make it a habit to do this every summer. After several years, you will have accumulated a large library of some of the most exciting and enjoyable content to read. Capturing memories this way is a wonderful way to relive some of the best times of your life.

At Leisure Pools, we’re not just about providing an amazing pool, but an overall fantastic poolside experience. So next time you slip into your swimming suit and head out to your backyard sanctuary, grab one of these recommended reads. No matter what genre you choose, you’ll be all set for a truly immersive day, both in your stunning fiberglass pool and within the pages of a great book.

Contact your local Leisure Pools dealer today. It’s time to make this a summer of best-selling memories.

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