benefits of fiberglass pools

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools vs Vinyl Liner Pools

There are many decisions to make purchasing a swimming pool, but one of the first (and most important) decisions to make is the type of pool. We look at the benefits of fiberglass swimming pools. The type of pool that is chosen can greatly impact cost, maintenance, aesthetics and longevity. One of the benefits of a vinyl liner pool is that it’s inexpensive compared to a concrete or fiberglass pool, but, you get what you pay for. At Leisure Pools, we choose to produce composite fiberglass pools because we stand behind the quality. You may be wondering exactly what sets these two types of pools apart, so we put together this helpful list of considerations.


A vinyl liner pool isn’t going to last as long as a fiberglass pool. Although the structure of a vinyl liner pool can last a couple of decades, the liner itself will not and may need to be replaced every five years of so. This costs money and also costs you time. At Leisure Pools, we ensure our pools are durable and will stand the test of time. We use high-performance vinyl ester resin providing more strength. Our pools use innovative technology enabling us to offer some of the best warranties in the swimming pool market: A lifetime structural warranty and lifetime structural osmosis warranty.

Designs & Features

Our composite fiberglass pools come in a broad range of designs, sizes and styles and are packed with features. You can choose from a rectangular pool or freeform pool and many of our designs have built-in splash pads and built-in spas. You can even add swim jets! This is not going to be found in vinyl liner pools. Our manufacturing process enables us to add this wealth of designs and features.

Finish & Colour

Like fiberglass, a vinyl liner has a smooth service and is available in different colors. The difference is that Leisure Pools’ gelcoat finish is UV, blister, and chemical resistant and comes in seven different stunning fiberglass pool color styles with a built-in sparkle that will have your pool shimmering.

Chemicals & Maintenance

No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with Leisure Pools fiberglass, the surface is chemically inert so there is nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.


A fiberglass swimming pool is an investment that will increase your home value. Studies show it can increase your home value by about 7%. Also, you can rest assured that the with the money you spend on the pool that it will provide a lifetime of worry-free maintenance. Not so with a vinyl liner pool. Home buyers do not place the same value on a vinyl liner pool as a concrete/gunite or fibreglass pool due to the cost and maintenance down the road.


Leisure Pools provides itself in producing beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pools with a “wow” factor. If you want a pool that will make your home and backyard look amazing, fibreglass is the way to go. Although some vinyl liner pools can look nice, it won’t have the same appeal.

Still uncertain about fiberglass pools? Check out this full list we put together with all the benefits of composite fiberglass pools. If you’re ready to enjoy a life of worry-free leisure, contact Leisure Pools today  and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

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