How to Enjoy the Extended Daylight Hours with a Fiberglass Pool from Leisure Pools

How to Enjoy the Extended Daylight Hours with a Fiberglass Pool from Leisure Pools

When it comes to Daylight Savings Time, there are mixed reviews. However, at Leisure Pools®, we prefer to look at it as the kick-off to warmer weather. In turn, that translates to more time to spend out by the pool. Just imagine what you can do with all that added daylight and a little bit of creativity.

At Leisure Pools®, you can find inspiration in our exciting portfolio of fiberglass backyard inground swimming pools. Discover all of the exciting styles, designs, and colors to spark your creativity.

Here are a few ideas to fuel your imagination when it comes to embracing the extra daylight and adding more fun and memories to your days, Leisure Pools® approved!

Fun Ideas to Enjoy the Longer Days Around Your Backyard Inground Pool

1) Have a dinner party around the backyard pool with family and friends. Instead of heading out to a nearby restaurant and having to deal with potential crowds, opt for a dinner party at home around the pool. Fire up the grill and cook some burgers and hot dogs. Have a backyard buffet and ask guests to bring their favorite dishes. Be sure to have plenty of seating available. This could include pool chairs and loungers or even oversized outdoor pillows to sit on.

2) Change up your morning ritual. If you usually stumble out of bed in a chaotic rush, not fully sure of what day it actually is, create a new routine. Grab a towel, some goggles, and head out to your backyard fiberglass pool. Work up an appetite for breakfast by swimming some laps. The Ultimate™ is an ideal pool to complete a workout. This classic rectangular pool has a generous swim area, built-in spa, and a splash pad.

If you just want to do some stretching exercises, The Fiji Plunge™ is the ticket. If you are short on time and short on backyard space, this is an ideal choice. Just ease on in and enjoy this compact and comfortable pool. Its footprint may be small, but it has expansive opportunity to get some water stretches in and to relax and calm your mind. If you want to incorporate a more rigorous stretching and exercise routine, perhaps The Pinnacle™ is the answer. With its full-width splash/entry pad and welcoming pool environment, you can enjoy a great workout and still indulge in a bit of relaxation before you charge into the day ahead.

3) Purchase some plants. If you want to add a few ornamental touches to your outdoor living spaces, invest in some plants and flowers. Simply place them in ornamental planters around the pool or plant some in small garden beds around the perimeter of the pool deck/patio area. It is always good for the soul to take in the beauty of the natural vistas. Your backyard can become your personal sanctuary and oasis of calm.

4) Enjoy a good book. Is it time to catch up on some reading? Grab a poolside favorite and relax on a lounge chair as you soak up the warm rays of the sun on the tanning ledge.

5) Watch a glorious sunrise or a beautiful sunset. Set your alarm clock a bit earlier in the morning to join the birds as you usher in a new day. Next, follow that experience up with a dip in the pool or a leisurely break on the splash pad. Then, begin your day on a calm and peaceful note.

If you prefer to watch the daylight hours transition into evening, then take a peek at our impressive line-up of spas that are sure to make your backyard experience even more fulfilling. Choose between The Calvi™, The Sorrento™, and The Amalfi™.

Make the Most of Daylight Savings Time

Longer days and warmer weather equate to happiness in our book. So go ahead and enjoy that extra daylight time. With a backyard fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools®, the options are endless….and so is the fun! Plus, that extra daylight gives you more time to create some amazing memories with your family and friends. These long-lasting sources of green energy have no operating costs. However, the initial installation cost can be high, and they do require year-round heat.

To learn more about Leisure Pools™ and our large dealer network, contact us today. An inspirational and relaxing life of leisure is waiting for you.

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