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Landscaping Privacy Ideas for Your Inground Backyard Pool

If you are one of the 10.4 million people in the United States who owns a backyard swimming pool, you are also probably among that same dynamic group of pool owners who would prefer a bit of privacy when enjoying your personal sanctuary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the country. You are in good company as a pool owner. However, you may not want everyone to see you swimming laps, doing cannon balls, or simply working on your tan while relaxing on one of the spacious tanning ledges from Leisure Pools™ and would appreciate pool privacy ideas.

So, we have compiled a list of 5 ideal backyard landscaping ideas to bring a sense of privacy, peace, seclusion, and calm to your outdoor pool and surrounding vistas. After all, this is your place of rest and relaxation. You are under no obligation to share it with the world. (However, if there ever does come a time when you want to open up your retreat to friends and family for a special event, like the Fourth of July, for example, we have some great pool party ideas for that occasion right here.)

But let’s return our focus on ways to add privacy around your fiberglass inground backyard pool. You can incorporate as many of these as you’d like to bring layers of solitude as desired to your backyard retreat.

5 Landscaping Ideas to Create Privacy Around Your Swimming Pool

1. Install a Fence

This is probably the most obvious solution for backyard privacy. A backyard fence allows you to keep out any intrusions while comfortably keeping your loved ones in your desired spaces away from public visibility. Fences are available in many sizes, designs, and materials and are an ideal way to create the level of seclusion you desire while also adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Fence providing privacy for inground fiberglass swimming pool

2. Install Privacy Trees

Opt for trees with dense foliage to give you the most privacy. You can create a green fence that is as beautiful as it is easy to care for. Among the most popular types of trees to plant for privacy include Leyland Cypress trees and Italian Cypress trees. The former can reach nearly 70 feet in height while the latter can reach up to 40 feet. Plus, the Cypress can easily fit into smaller spaces while still offering ample height for the privacy you desire.

3. Install Hedges

If you really want privacy but aren’t too excited about getting a fence, hedges are a wonderful alternative. With proper landscaping planning, you can position shrubs into stunning hedgerows of outstanding heights. These create a natural and quite beautiful wall of bushes. Bear in mind that shrubs do take time to grow. As such, this will just help you ease into creating your space. If you do want something fast-growing, evergreens are a great solution. (Added bonus: hedges not only create eye-popping sight lines, but they also absorb noise and pollutants.)

4. Install Layers of Privacy Plants and Trees

You can create your own wonderful garden with layers of trees and plants. A good rule of thumb here is to place the tall trees on the outer perimeter. The next layer should include medium-sized plants and shrubs throughout the middle. Finally, you can complete the look with bright and colorful flowers, smaller shrubs, and attractive succulents out in the front.

Trellis privacy idea for inground fiberglass swimming pool

5. Install a Trellis Panel/Lattice Screen

A lattice screen is an affordable option for pool privacy. These thin strips of wood are typically woven into a diagonal pattern with openings in the middle. Some people enjoy taking this up a notch and adding plants and creeping vines. This adds yet another layer of privacy. For the full effect, you can place these screens around your pool. Next, you can create a vertical garden with plants that will fill in the exposed gaps over time. This results in an ideal mix of form and function.

Additional Pool Privacy Ideas

1. Install a Pergola

Pergolas can add a bit of unique style to your outdoor living spaces. Plus, they also provide a great source of shade. When you place a pergola at one end of your swimming pool, you can enjoy this delightful conversation piece in many ways. First, you can place curtains on the sides for added privacy. Alternatively, a pergola offers a great place to gather with family and friends. Just roll up the curtains and you have the ideal spot to serve refreshments and just hang out together.

2. Install a Retractable Canopy

A canopy offers both shade from the sun and privacy from prying outside eyes. These can be constructed to cover the pool from one end to the other. Additionally, a privacy canopy turns up the volume on style.

3. Install a Full Enclosure

If you are really feeling adventurous and want to go big on the privacy quotient, invest in a retractable pool enclosure. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your fiberglass pool as both an outdoor and an indoor pool.

Experts Can Help

Landscaping is an ideal way to add the privacy you desire around your fiberglass swimming pool. However, for best results, consult an expert in pool landscaping and corresponding outdoor structures. Such a specialist can help you identify the best plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers that are compatible with your local environment and climate.

To learn more about how Leisure Pools™ and its vast network of local dealers can help you create your own private retreat right in your backyard, contact us today. Your well-deserved Life of Leisure awaits. Privacy optional.

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