Perfect Swimming Pool Designs for the Garden Lover

Perfect Swimming Pool Designs for the Garden Lover

There are so many things from which to choose to make your backyard retreat the best sanctuary and oasis it can be. You can have a decked-out outdoor kitchen, a wonderful patio space, a cozy fire pit, and a decorative pergola. But what about your garden and landscape appointments? How do those tie in with your backyard pool? No matter if your lawn needs a little pick-me-up or if you need some serious inspiration to get the ball, er weeds, rolling, then here are a few backyard pool inspirations for the garden lover within you.

Inspirational garden ideas for your backyard pool

1. Southwestern Savvy.

If a desert-themed backyard is on your mind (think southwestern United States), then aim for some cactus plants and potted succulents. Thus, instead of cleaning fallen leaves and tending to any overgrown shrubs, you can enjoy the low maintenance appeal of this design. You may also want to consider growing some aloe, which does well in direct unlight. Aloe also scores bonus points as it works as a natural remedy for sunburns and overexposure to the elements.

Poolside garden design ideas from Leisure Pools

2. Beach Party Garden.

This idea beings to mind crisp Mediterranean breezes and the endless sea. If this is your style, incorporate low-growing plants such as hen-and-chick succulents and sea thrift. One of the great things about a beach garden design is that it requires minimal upkeep, especially if you integrate tumbled stones in with annuals or perennials. You may also want to consider adding a palm tree. It adds to the overall vibe of the space and offers a source of shade. You can even take this theme up a notch by accenting the spaces around the pool with oversized beach shells and an old wooden pallet transformed into a classic beach sign.

Garden design ideas for fiberglass pools

3. A Romantic Escape.

This is a great approach if you appreciate a colorful garden throughout the year. All you need is an array of pretty flowers and some lush plants to bring this concept to fruition. (Bear in mind, however, that this can come with a bit mor maintenance and clean up duties.) However, if you want to avoid the extra work that can come with a romantic backyard pool vista, opt for plants whose leaf litter is minimal. This can include plants such as Calliandra fairy dusters or some calico bushes. You can even use a pergola as the centerpiece of the pool garden and let some wall-climbing vines embrace it. The idea is to incorporate many different plant species that can easily showcase themselves no matter what time of year it is.

Poolside Garden Tips

Here are just a few tips for you to consider when planning your poolside garden:

*Consult with a professional landscape architect. A landscape architect is trained to think of the project as a whole, bringing a high level of technical expertise and knowledge that take your project to the level you desire. Further, a landscape architect is knowledgeable in the types of trees, flowers, and shrubs that will work best in your region and for your pool garden vision.

*Pots are a great way to showcase plants. First of all, they are less likely to be disturbed by splashing water. Secondly, they are easier to relocate whenever you want to change the view. Finally, potted plants are less challenging to move during inclement weather situations.

*When designing your poolside garden, you can mitigate any future yard work by beginning the garden at least six feet from the edge of the pool. By doing so, you can reduce the impact of excess debris that can find its way into your pool and its filter.

Design Your Garden to Complement the Surrounding Areas

Your poolside garden should be a place for you to relax, unwind, and enjoy with family and friends. Keep in mind it should complement the overall landscape and design palette of your backyard. It should not just be an addition to it. Some of the best ideas involve landscaping designs that work in concert with the architecture of your home and the aesthetics of your neighborhood.

Another rule of thumb is to consider the type of planting involved in your garden. Most of your choices will be determined by the exposure your backyard garden area will receive. For example, in a sunny and breezy location, ornamental grasses are ideal. These look great throughout the year. They are even more dazzling in late summer. The best part? They don’t generate a lot of leaf litter. As such, clean-up is minimal.

To further elevate your poolside garden, consider integrating a boutique dining area or some ambient lighting for those after-dark gatherings.

Your backyard sanctuary is waiting for you. Leisure Pools™ is ready to assist you as you create the ideal backyard garden and swimming pool setting that speaks to your personal sense of style. Contact us today so we can help your garden grow and plant the seeds for a well-deserved Life – and garden – of Leisure.

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