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What is a Cocktail Pool?

If you have limited space in your backyard, a cocktail pool might just be the answer for you. Often referred to as “spools” or “plunge pools,” these smaller pools often combine a spa and a pool and may even include jets, a heater, and benches.

Why is a Cocktail Pool a Great Pool to Have?

Despite their smaller size, cocktail pools can definitely be the life of the party. They can deliver all of the features their larger counterpart pools offer, which makes these smaller pools ideal for homes with limited backyard space.

Cocktail pools are great for adding to the entertainment value of a smaller space, and because of their reduced footprint, they are easier on the wallet than regular-sized pools. Plus, they are frequently friendlier to the environmental larger pools.

What Features Can I Add to a Cocktail Pool?

The menu of available features is wide and exciting. Cocktail pools will easily invite seating, jets, heaters, and even delightful water features. Cocktail pools are quite adaptable to their space and just as versatile as bigger swimming pools. If you want to warm up, cool off, or simply relax, you can still enjoy this smaller pool to the same extent as a larger one.

Versatile in design, a cocktail pool can be installed as an inground pool or an above ground pool. (At Leisure Pools, however, our focus is on inground pools.) A cocktail pool can even go indoors just as easily as outdoors. And while you will typically find them in smaller backyards, a cocktail pool is also right at home in a larger backyard.

What are the Designs of Cocktail Pools?

Just because they are small doesn’t mean cocktail pool don’t have style. Some are designed to look like miniature swimming pools while others may present with a rounded, spa-like presence. Cocktail pools are highly customizable, as well. You can add benches, ample light features, and even fancy water features and fountains. Designed well, you cannot go wrong with a cocktail pool. They are like the little black dress of outdoor living when done up right.

Cocktail pools can also be made from concrete, fiberglass, copper, vinyl liner, and cedar. Costs may vary, but that works to your favor, as you can usually find something with your design and budget desires. A cocktail pool is also a terrific starting point if you wish to create a stunning infinity pool in your smaller backyard.

Cocktail pool - Leisure Pools Harmony

What are the Standard Dimensions of a Cocktail Pool?

On average, a cocktail pool is no bigger than 12 feet by 14 feet, although same can be a bit bigger and extend as far as 16 to 20 feet. As far as depth goes, a cocktail pool usually does not go beyond four feet deep, but some may go as deep as five feet. So, if you are in the mood for impressing your guests with an elegant dive or want to be the life of the party with a daring cannonball display, you might want to consider another type of opening act and leave those antics for the larger, deeper pools.

Also, cocktail pools are more conducive to smaller gatherings. If you want to host 10 or more people in the pool, it might get rather crowded.

You can also go the route of a one-person pool with a bit more depth. This is referred to as a plunge pool. It is compact yet deep enough to allow you to do a bit of water exercise or just cool off after a long, hot day.

Discover the Stunning Cocktail and Plunge Pools from Leisure Pools

Cocktail pool - Leisure Pools Palladium Plunge

The Palladium Plunge

If you want a larger plunge pool that allows for seating options, spa jets or even swim flow systems, the Palladium Plunge is for you. Available in 16’ x 8’ or 20’ x 8’ with a five-foot bottom depth, this attractive plunge pool is waiting to elevate your backyard experience.

The Fiji Plunge

Great things come in small packages. When you combine relaxation, relief, and enjoyment, you will discover the beautiful Fiji Plunge, available in 9’’6” by 6’11” and a 4.5’ bottom depth.

Cocktail pool - Leisure Pools Fiji Plunge
Cocktail pool - Leisure Pools Esprit

The Esprit

Inspired by the larger Harmony design, The Esprit is both sleek and trim, giving you a comfortable fit. This is the ideal compact pool for backyards with limited space availability.

The Harmony

When the desire to enjoy a full-length swim meets a pool that fits demanding space considerations, you get The Harmony, complete with a full-length bench. Enjoy the compact 16’5″ by 9’6″ (Harmony 16) or move on up to the 19’8″ by 9’6” (Harmony 20) or 23’0″ by 9’6” (Harmony 23)

Cocktail pool - Leisure Pools Harmony

What Can I Expect to Spend on a Cocktail Pool?

If you want all the bells and whistles, premium materials, and sophisticated design elements, expect to lean into $50,000 or more. For the most part, however, a standard cocktail pool will probably come with a price tag of about $25,000. But, as with any pool, the final cost depends on the features you want and what your overall preferences are. Further, if you plan to install a cocktail pool indoors, then expect the cost to creep up a bit more. At Leisure Pools, we are more than happy to work with you to find the ideal pool and design features to meet your budgets, needs, and desires.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Cocktail Pools?

Granted, cocktail pools can be quite stunning and eye-catching and a decided focal point for the backyard. However, their compact size translates to less play space and not much room for freestyle swimming at all. And if you are a big pool party person, a cocktail pool might let you down in this regard. (And you definitely don’t want a waiting list for your guests with time limits on when they can get into the pool!)

Overall, however, a cocktail pool will serve you just as well as a larger pool. It will definitely add to the appeal of your home, as well. But if you have your heart set on a larger pool to add more fun and games to the agenda, then go for the larger pool. The price tag of a cocktail pool can be equivalent to – or more than – a full size pool. So, if space is not an issue, then just go for the larger pool.

Lastly, when it comes to maintenance, it is obviously easier to keep a cocktail pool clean due to its size. Also, a cocktail pool requires less water and electricity. If sticking to a smaller budget is what you have in mind, a cocktail pool just might be the answer.

If you have any questions about which type and size of pool is ideal for your backyard and preferences, consult your local dealer at Leisure Pools. To find yourlocal fiberglass pool dealer, call 855-857-7527 or go to our website at at leisurepoolscanada.ca. We are here to help you enjoy your “life of leisure” every day of the year.

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