Choosing the Right Color for Your Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Choosing the Right Color for Your Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Choosing a fiberglass swimming pool from Leisure Pools™ is an exciting thing to do. Customizing your new pool is a significant part of the fun. When it comes to selecting the color of your pool, this aspect should reflect your lifestyle and personal preferences. Further, it should complement the elements that comprise your backyard and related outdoor living spaces.

The Process of Choosing a Color for Your Fiberglass Pool

Historically, pools and spas almost always came in one color: standard white. As a result, the water usually looked light blue. That was about the extent of your options. Today, however, the choices are far greater. When it comes to fiberglass swimming pools, you have so many options from which to choose. This allows you to create a bit more of a “wow” factor when creating your outdoor oasis. Just as you might incorporate a fun accent wall or other interior design feature in your home to reflect your personal style, the color you choose for your fiberglass pool can have the same head-turning effect.

So, when you are selecting the color for your pool, consider the surrounding elements within your backyard setting. First, this will include all of the landscaping appointments. Next, it should complement the color of your deck and even the color of your poolside accessories. Think of it as coordinating an entire outfit that shows off your personal taste and design sensibilities. Put yourself in the shoes of your backyard!

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The Psychology of Color – the Most Popular Fiberglass Pool Color

Yes, many customers tend to favor shades of blue. But why stop there? You can opt for a cool blue tone to a warm sand tone. Take it up a notch and select something with a bit more of a multichromatic or radiant essence. Leisure Pools™ has an exciting palette of fiberglass pool colors to help you set the design vibe of your backyard sanctuary.

Key Points to Consider When Choosing the Color of Your Fiberglass Pool

Again, your choice in pool colors greatly depends on what resonates with you and your personality. Some people want to set the tone for a beach resort vibe. Others may lean towards something a bit more subdued that allow for sparkles of light to shimmer in the water as the sun shines down.

But there is more to the equation than that. Here are a few things to also consider as you choose the color of your pool:

 1.) What pool color makes it easiest to clean and maintain the pool? No matter the color of your pool, it will require regular maintenance and cleaning. That’s a given. No one wants to deal with dirt, debris, and deposits of algae in the water. However, with a darker pool color, the less noticeable the debris will be. On the flip side, that can make it a bit more challenging to clean your pool. The short answer here is that no matter the color you choose for your inground fiberglass pool, you simply have to commit to the routine maintenance of it in order to ensure it always showcases its best style. (Pro tip: routine pool cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore if choose a pool cleaning expert you can trust.)

2.) What color do you want the pool water to be? Obviously, this is all rather subjective. Your taste and your backyard are unique to you. Plus, the color of the pool can affect the color of the water, making it look completely different simply based on the surroundings of the backyard. For example, a grey pool color can appear elegant and sophisticated when accompanied by lustrous black coping and a subtle grey concrete patio. This will translate to the color of the water appearing in a soft blue shade, aligning itself with the elegant overall presentation.

But let’s take a deeper dive here. That same grey color can boast a modern and prominent presence when partnered with décor elements in bright colors and some recessed lighting on the exterior of your home. Just a few pops of bold and expressive color surrounding your pool can bring out a whole new color presentation and vibe in the water. (Think: brilliantly colored lounge chairs and tables.)

Choosing the Right Color for Your Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool

3.) What colors can make the pool appear bigger? If your backyard footprint requires you to select a smaller pool size, a lighter pool color can give the illusion of a larger swimming pool. As such, opt for a pearlescent white, light grey, or blue shade to allow your pool to make a bigger impact in its space.

4.) How do colors affect the temperature of the water? Just like a black car sitting out in the parking lot on a hot day will get warm inside, a darker colored pool will invite more heat. This will keep your pool water warmer for longer periods of time. On the flip side, a lighter colored swimming pool tends to keep the temperature of the water on the cooler side since it doesn’t attract the sunlight as much as the darker colors. These are thoughts to consider, especially if you want warmer water and do not opt for a heated pool.

Making the Final Decision on the Color of Your Fiberglass Pool

To get started, we suggest you do a bit of homework. First, you may have to consult with your Homeowners Association (HOA) – if you have one – to see if there are any restrictions as to color choices for backyard pools in your area. That right there may narrow the choices for you.

Additionally, check out which colors are popular or trending in your area. Are neutral colors popular? Or are residents in your area leaning towards a darker vibe? Deeper colors tend to give a more magical vibe, especially when paired with a rock garden and slabs of stone. Shades of blue, on the other hand, can pretty much stand the test of time. You can accentuate those colors with the decor you choose to surround your pool.

But this just takes us back to our original discussion. When it all comes down to it, the color you choose for your backyard inground fiberglass swimming pool should be one that best complements the palette of your backyard design.

Choosing a color for your fiberglass pool may seem complicated, but it is all quite simple. Just find one that speaks to you, reflects your lifestyle, and works in tandem with your outdoor living spaces.

And if you need a bit more help in making your selection, Leisure Pools™ can help. Meet a local dealer who can walk you through the process. You can also request our Brochure and/or Great Ideas Pack for more insight and information, too.

As always, Leisure Pools™ is ready to help you discover the Life of Leisure you deserve.

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