Save money with a pool

How To Save Money With A Pool

Many people think swimming pools are expensive–and the expense is a common excuse for not owning a pool. While a swimming pool is a big decision, it may be a lot more cost-effective than you think since there are areas where it can help you save money. This helps not only make up for the cost of the pool but many future expenses as well.

These are a few ways to save money with a pool:

Save Money on Vacations

How much do you spend on vacations? Thousands of dollars each year? When you own a pool, you can create your own backyard paradise and you may find you enjoy staycations so much more. You don’t have deal with travel, long lines to get into attractions or hotels and resorts that don’t quite meet your expectations. You have your own personal oasis right in your backyard.

Save Money on a Gym Membership

Think about how much you pay for your family’s gym membership each year–and how much more it is if you also pay to use a pool. When you own a pool, it becomes a great outlet for exercise. There’s lap swimming, water aerobics, pool sports, water jogging and even playing with the kids in the pool burns calories. Those membership you have add up over time.

Save Money on Events

Stop paying to have parties at venues. When you own a pool, you have the perfect party venue right in your backyard. Think about the possibilities: birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding parties, baby showers, family reunions. They can all be done at your pool!

In addition to saving money, swimming pools also have these advantages:

A Pool Can Increase the Value of Your Home

It’s likely you can recoup the cost when you sell your home. Swimming pools often increase the value of your home by at least 7% (and possibly more if you live in a neighborhood where most homes have pools or it’s a warmer climate).

You Can’t Put a Dollar Value on the Fun, Relaxation and Memories

Let’s face it: Pools are just plain fun. But, they go beyond just that. Swimming pools create a lifetime of memories. They create a place for families and friends to come together. You get watch your children or grandchildren learn how to swim. You get to experience so many of life’s precious moments by your pool. And that is something that you can’t put a dollar figure on.

Don’t want to put down cash on a pool? Financing is Available

If you’ve dreamed of a pool but are concerned about forking over the cash don’t fret! You can finance your swimming pool. With Leisure Pools, did you know it costs as little as $19 a week to finance your pool? Learn more about financing your swimming pool here.

Are you ready to make a splash into pool ownership this summer? Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

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