9 Things That Only “Pool Owners” Can Relate To

Top 9 Things Only Fiberglass Pool Owners Will Relate With

  1. You are so proud:

    You are so proud to show it off to your friends, that every time someone visits you, the first thing you do is take them to your backyard to show-off your awesome pool like an ‘MTV Cribs’ episode.

  2. No place like ‘your place’:

    Every time someone mentions or plans a get together, you put your hand up saying, ‘we have a pool’.

  3. You are the best parent, uncle, aunty, relative

    All the kids in your family love coming to YOUR house as they have the best time in the pool and you are loved by their parents as the kids are entertained for hours in the pool.

  4. Boring weekends are a thing of the past:

    You actually look forward to weekends when you have nothing on, so you can just relax in your pool.

  5. HOT days are awesome:

    While everyone is complaining about the HOT summer days, you are not worried as you have a pool.

  6. You love your backyard:

    You love your backyard and enjoy the outdoors so much more, be it sitting by the pool reading a book or having breakfast on your deck by the pool. You love spending a lot more time outside.

  7. Property value:

    You look at all the properties in your area that don’t have a pool and quietly smile, knowing that your property value is increased considerably by having a pool.

  8. Backyard BBQ’s:

    You are constantly thinking of planning the next backyard BBQ in your head and how cool it would be to have all your family and friends around the pool.

  9. ‘Catchphrases’ that you start using:

    You will invariably say phrases like this when you get in the pool – “How good is this?”, “The water is perfect, get in!”, “AAAHHH this is beautiful” … and make it loud enough for half the neighborhood to hear it 🙂

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