2020 hot trends

Pool Trends: What’s Hot for 2020

The biggest trend for the summer, and possibly the full year of 2020, is staying home. With the current concerns over the spread of COVID-19, many families are now focused on turning their home into their personal oasis and investing heavily into turning their backyards into a comfortable and relaxing haven.

Biggest trend overall: Everyone wants a pool!

School has not been in session since the spring and summer camps have been cancelled. Vacations to locations filled with thousands of people don’t make sense anymore so the best option is simply stay home – with your own swimming pool.

The good news is that Leisure Pools™ has been fielding three to four times the number of phone calls from families interested in learning more about having their own high-quality, inground composite fiberglass swimming pool installed in their backyard.

The bad news is that Leisure Pools™ has been fielding three to four times the number of phone calls from families interested in having their own pools. Yes, that means that we are working hard to keep up with demand as are our dealers. So please be patient with us as we try to respond to everyone and provide you with your free design consultation and estimate. Also understand that if you want to have a pool installed this year, you have to move quickly as any delay could push you into 2021.

Splash Pads – Full Width

Splash pads are big. As in a full-width, 15 feet 6 inches wide big on the Leisure Pools™ Pinnacle inground composite fiberglass swimming pool. This splash pad provides a good foot and a half of water so when you lounge in your chair, the water will reach up to your knees and/or the bottom of your chair.

Splash Pads – Freeform

Splash pads, in almost any form, are extremely popular. This includes having a stylish splash pad area in the front or to the sides of your pool as with the Leisure Pools™ Eclipse inground composite fiberglass swimming pool. While not as large as the full-width pools, it still provides a nice area for seating, relaxation or playful fun with kids and pets.

Tanning Ledges

The next best thing to a splash pad is a Leisure Pools™ Tanning Ledge which can be placed to the side of your swimming pool or added to an existing pool. These offer 12 inches of water so it is perfect for small children and pets – or for you to soak your toes in refreshing water. Be sure to check out our newest tanning ledge, the Leisure Pools™ Quartz which extends a full 14 feet!

Showcase Color – Ebony Blue

There is nothing more elite and contemporary than a dark color pool like the Leisure Pools™ Ebony Blue. During the day, the light refracts off the pool that, at times, makes it appear almost totally black. At night, the placement of lights within the pool creates an impressive visual feast.

Natural Stone & Pavers

While cement is still the “standard” around pools, many families are moving to a more prestigious and elegant style staring with the pavers around their pool. An example is this Silver Travertine Patio from MSI with a Beigh Travertine Border surrounding our Leisure Pools™ Rivieria with matching Tanning Ledge. (Installation credit: Ashton Group at the Beach.)

Bringing Nature to your Pool Environment

Adding “natural” elements to your pool installation including rock waterfalls, gardens, and easy care plants such as this space around the Leisure Pools™ Caribbean inground composite fiberglass swimming pool. (Installation credit: Kevin Sparks Signature Pools.)

A Trend Going On Twenty Years

Leisure Pools™ has been helping families enjoy their well-deserved “life of leisure” for more than twenty years, helping over 50,000 families worldwide experience the happiness that comes from owning your own swimming pool. Happy families and wonderful memories never go out of style.

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