Spectacular Fiberglass Swimming Pool Water Features: Waterfalls, Fountains, and Bubblers…Oh, My!

There’s no denying all of the fun, joy, and excitement that goes with having an inground fiberglass pool installed in your backyard. Having a heavenly slice of paradise just waiting for you right outside your back door can make you the envy of the neighborhood and the proverbial talk of the town. However, what if we told you that exciting outdoor living space you just created can be even further elevated? All you have to do is just add (more!) water.

Inground swimming pool water features add that resort-like ambiance to your pool area, whether it is in the form of soothing sounds from a bubbler or fountain, or from a relaxing symphony of natural sound from a cascading waterfall. No matter the water enhancement you desire, it most assuredly will add to the overall uplifting experience you get from your inground backyard fiberglass pool.

Inground Backyard Fiberglass Pool Waterfalls

pool water features - waterfall

Who needs music when you have the soothing sounds freely flowing from an elegant and sleek waterfall inspired by nature? You can easily enhance your fiberglass pool with a water feature that captivates your senses. Its sheer beauty steals your gaze. It is exciting to touch. And its presence serves as a way to uplift and re-energize your mind, body, and spirit.

A waterfall feature added to your fiberglass pool creates a fantastic focal point, easily drawing everyone into its realm. When you choose a waterfall feature, be sure to select one that not only complements the style of your pool but also the overall architectural statement of your home. Of course, you will also want to stay within your budget, as well.

When selecting a waterfall feature for your inground fiberglass pool, it is imperative to take into consideration the size and scope of the pool. If you add a waterfall that is too large, it will come across as monumental and become more of a distraction than a conversation piece. Rocks, whether real or faux, are great accompaniments to rounded, curved pools. For rectangular pools, a simpler yet elegant linear piece makes a great water feature.

While we are going to touch upon the three main types of water features to add to your inground fiberglass backyard pool, here are some spectacular swimming pool water features that can definitely liven up the pool and surrounding areas.

Inground Backyard Fiberglass Pool Fountains

pool water features - fountain

Who doesn’t love a spectacular water fountain? Water fountains create stunning visual displays that will easily catch the eye and quickly capture the heart. While you may not be able to install a waterfall as fantastic as the ones you see in front of those grand hotels in Vegas, you can create quite the design statement with a well-appointed (and properly scaled!) one for your backyard pool.

In addition to looking pretty cool, water fountains also go to work for the benefit of your pool. Through a process called aeration, water fountains actually cool the pool. When the water from the pool is sprayed up into the air, tiny droplets are formed that cool the water down when they land back in the water. If you run a water fountain in your pool long enough, it can bring the overall temperature of the water down by up to four degrees or so.

Further, fountains also help circulate the water in the pool. This is critical to distributing the chemicals and channeling the water through the filtration system. This also helps prevent unwanted yucky stuff from forming in stagnant water. (Who wants that?) Granted, your pump is primarily responsible for circulating the water, but put a fountain to work, and the pump enjoys a working partnership in this regard.

Finally, water fountains are just plain fun, right? Kids (and some adults) love to splash in them. They are beautiful to look at, and by simply kicking back and listening to the soothing sounds of the water, they can help reduce stress.

Inground Backyard Fiberglass Pool Bubblers

pool water features - bubblers

Gaining in popularity are pool bubblers. (Just the very name sounds fun, doesn’t it?) Bubblers are just small fountains placed in shallow areas of the pool that generate columns of water Bubblers can typically be found on pool steps, splash areas, tanning ledges, and shelves.

Besides being fun to look at, bubblers also help reduce outside noise. Do you have noisy neighbors or live near a busy street? Bubblers can help block those unwanted sounds. Plus, like waterfalls and fountains, bubblers have a wonderful calming effect.

And because bubblers keep the water moving, they also help the water circulation and keep the temperature of the water a bit cooler by introducing oxygen into the water as the water from the bubblers rushes out of it.

Go with the Flow

Unless you are installing a very basic and relatively simple water feature, we recommend you consult an expert builder, plumber, electrician, or pool technician to install the water features of your choice. They can also help you determine what feature will logistically work and what shapes, styles, and sizes are best for your pool, your budget, and your preferences.

At Leisure Pools, we encourage you to live a life of leisure, and if that means adding a bit of water to the equation, then we are all for it. For information and/or assistance in adding your preferred water feature(s) to your backyard fiberglass pool, contact your local dealer. To find your local dealer, call 855-857-7527 or go to our website.

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