Top 10 Reasons To Go For A Swim!


With summer approaching rapidly, the team at Leisure Pools thought we’d put together a neat little list of reasons to dive right in and go for a swim. Whether you’re at work and sneaking off in your lunch break or stuck in traffic, you’ll find there’s always a reason to turn it around, head home and dive right into the pool.

10. The Exercise Swim

Thank goodness you got a pool so you can swim laps no matter the size of the pool, just turn on the jets!

9. The Quick Swim

No time for exercise & too hot to think… jump in your pool for that quick refresher.

8. The After Breakfast Swim

So you’ve woken up, made sure you have fueled up – perfect for that After Breakfast Swim in your pool.

7. The After School Swim

Perfect for cooling the screaming kids down and tiring them out in your pool before bed time.

6. The Evening Swim

Well you’ve put the kids to bed, turned out the lights – the perfect time to make your way out to your soft-lit pool.

5. The After Kids Drop-Off Swim

You have woken up, fed the kids, husband and pets, stopped World War 3 (over the breakfast cereal again), dressed the kids & taken them to school – finally you can get back to your pool for the After Kids Drop-Off Swim.

4. The Weekend Swim

Your working week is over, the weather is hot, the friends are bored… thank goodness you have a pool!

3. The Party Swim

The invitations have been sent, the food is ready. You know they’ll all turn up – because you’re having a pool party!

2. The Early Morning Swim

There is nothing more beautiful than being in your pool before the world wakes up.

1. The Anytime Swim

That’s right, in a pool, anytime is the top time to swim in the pool!

If this list resonates with you and you’ve decided that take the plunge, head on over to our contact area to get a free quote now!